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Are you aware that the V2 is only marginally larger than the V1? The images might be a bit misleading, but the V2 is a bit narrower, but a bit thicker and higher. I certainly wouldn't say that it's so much larger as to classify as another class. But whatever the case, I wouldn't argue that body size is what sets the 1 series in another class. The NEX6 for instance is hardly any larger than the V1, if at all, and it's the lenses that make the difference.

Yes this is what might make this an ideal travel camera for me. I have looked for something which has:

- SLR like focussing speed (still subjects) and shutter lag, I still want something which is fun to use.

- OVF/EVF, I just like it that way and LCD's are a pain in the sun.

- Ideally a single lens to cover about 28-200mm equivalent (newly announced 10-100 works as 27-270). I'm on holiday so as few lens changes as possible would be great.

- Good video (enough to not have to carry around a small Canon video camera)

- Reasonably small size, needs to be a decent reduction from a Canon 50D with 18-135 lens but I'm happy to carry around more than a pocketable compact.

- Built in flash, I'm on holiday so I'm not really after masterpieces all the time but you still need some light for indoor snaps. Anyway a hotshoe (even a proprietary one) still gives you the option.

- Mechanical zoom, again I (and my wife) just like this more than motor driven zooms.

- A bit more than 10 Mpixels. I was close with the V1 but the lack of inbuilt flash and the 10 Mpixel resolution were just not quitemaking it for me. 14 Mpixels (if the sensor is decent) should cut it.

OM-D, Pana G5 and NEX6 all get close. OM-D is (I hear) not great on video. NEX6 is still pretty big with 28-200 class lens but i would like to see the newer lens to really evaluate. Pana G5 seems to cover most bases but is poorly stocked in Australia so hard to actually try out. At least the V2's will get shelf space everywhere.

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