What is the value of a top LCD?

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Re: What is the value of screaming that a top LCD is not required feature?

Why to give it up...?  The top LCD as well as the motor will fit in small D5100 style body without any mechanical problem and not much extra weight.  (Canon has that already implemented in small bodies) - The problem is that Nikon has made strategic for them decision to cripple the low end cameras... by removing motor and display.  This is their way to drive people to more expensive D7000 and further up to D600. They did that in my case, they drove me up, but leaving a lot of bad taste.

No need to convince me about adventage of small light body. I'm with you on that subject, it is my dream for years now... but that is not reason to get rid of good working features.  Look at G12 and G1X, much smaller and packed with more features then many DSLR's.

So, let love all displays, levars and such and ask Nikon to put them on in all DSLR cameras plus full range of lenses... that are missing in action.  (where are F2.8 and f4.0 lenses....????)

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