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Re: Use single center focus point ?

DVT80111 wrote:

What are the other focus sensor point good for? I haven't figured out yet, but I don't trust the intelligent of the camera yet.

Don't you hate paying for something you don't use?

Well, honestly I do use the other focus points because at this point it's just second nature for me to change them.  I can do it quickly.  Sometimes I want my focal point off center (like if I want my dog's eye in focus but her whole body in the picture - see pic below - I used the far right AF point on her eye - not a great shot but an example) so I'll set another focus point and shoot away.  So the other points are still useful.  I just use one at a time.  And for the youtube video I just tried to keep things simple.  And I do use the center point MOST of the time and just crop after the fact.

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