D400/D7100 questionnaire

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I have my D700 for low light and event work. When it dies, I will update to another FX body.

I have my D60 (until it dies and gets replaced by m43) for my small, low weight, low bulk travel and anytime camera.

I want D400 for wildlife and sports and want it for a backup body with similar controls to the D700 to help me with my muscle memory. Lighter in weight would be great! but not at the expense of handling and controls.

I had the D7000 (as well as the D90 and D80 before that) and sold it. AF was not good enough. Buffer and fps not good enough. Controls were ok, but not as good as the D700. Aslo (the D7000) had poor skin tones imho and that contributed to the sale of the camera.

Briefly had a D300s and should have kept it. But I am waiting on the D400 as I do not want to invest in a 5yr old tech at present, even at discount. I can get by with what I have. Mainly using FX with TCs to get the reach that I need for wildlife and birding, but it is not ideal.

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