Just Bought EOS-M dual lens kit.

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Re: Just Bought EOS-M dual lens kit.

jomabu wrote:

I got to play with the EOS M and PL5 in Osaka yesterday. The auto focus on the pl5 was faster than EOS M using the standard zooms. The PL5 autofocus was much improved over earlier mirrorless cameras. I also looked at a Panasonic with a pancake power zoom. The Panasonic seemed to be slower than the PL5 but faster than the EOS M. The touch screen took some getting used to but I was able to figure some things out once I found the equivalent of the Q button. It really seemed like a powershot with interchangeable lens capability as others have stated. Was pleased with the size of the M but would miss a view finder (wonder if they could have an accessory one powered by the usb port or a self powered hdmi one?). I thought the tap to focus and shoot was nifty.

I agree that it is more like a powershot than an EOS. Im expecting that to change somewhat when i attach my EF/EF-S lenses (I hope im not disappointed).

As for EVF - i cant see it happening, as it doesnt fit with the lack of physical controls / touch screen interface. Canon want us to adapt to a new way of shooting with this model, and having an EVF just doesn't fit with the design of the camera. You simply need physical controls when you are looking through a viewfinder.

Im not against the removal of physical controls or viewfinder on this model, as i dont think of it as an SLR. However that also adds to the the feeling of a powershot over an EOS.

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