Nikon releases a new 70-200mm F/4. Is there enough market for Sony to make one?

Started Oct 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
hpeter Regular Member • Posts: 253
Can't imagine getting a 70-200 f4

After owning the Tamron 70-200 f2.8 for <$700, I can't imagine ever considering a 70-200f4 lens for >$1000

Sharper? I don't see how much sharper one can get than that Tamron. Even at f2.8, I have to be careful with the prints not to cut my hands- that's how sharp the pictures are

Faster focus? Maybe yes... Mine zips in focus in a fraction of a second even at poorly lit, indoor stage performances (using A700 and a57).

Silenter? If it's ssm, yes, but who cares?

Focus limiter? Maybe yes, but who cares?

Lighter? Yes, most likely. But I've spent several all-day excursions with the Tamron and never bothered with its weight.

In other words, it may offer some additional value, but I'm not in need of those possible additional values.

I prefer the f2.8 over any of the above "additional" values.

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