Is 12mm wide enough for landscapes?

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Re: Is 12mm wide enough for landscapes?

Pic Man wrote:

However I'm wondering if 12mm is wide enough for landscapes.

It depends entirely on your personal style. I own the 7-14mm, 25mm, 45mm and 75mm and the vast majority of my landscapes (my favourite genre) are done with the 25mm or 75mm. Personally I prefer the way that a normal to long lens pics out detail from the landscape, and I feel that it allows me to control the scene more. Likewise, I tend to get bored of the classic wide-angle scenes, so I don't find myself using the 7-14 very often. Of course, others will differ.

So, in answer to your question... 12mm could be perfect, or it could be far too wide, or it could be far too tight. It depends on you.

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