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Re: RAW wouldn't of made a difference, I'm sure its a processing error

Bob Meyer wrote:

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

I shot about 100,000 photos a year using on camera white balance in some tough white balance conditions, I've had issues with just 5 images I'm also the busiest wedding photographer in my area with next to no advertising so go figure.

None of which, I'm afraid, changes the fact that you seem to have absolutely no understanding of how color balance works, the differing spectra of different light sources, or what a raw image is. If you really don't want to learn about these things, or shoot raw, you'll be better off with AWB.

Even snapshooters get the right exposure most of the time.

The reason there's so little in the blue channel on shots made with daylight (or cloudy - even worse) color balance under tungsten light is that tungsten light sources produce almost no light in the blue end of the spectrum. Cloudy light, on the other hand, is the exact opposite - lots of blue, much less yellow / red. So the jpeg processor takes your "cloudy" image and reduces the blue, while exaggerating the yellow/red. Absolutely, positively, the exact opposite of what you want to do when shooting under incandescent light. Start with a shot that has very little blue to start, and then tell the jpeg processor to reduce blue even further, and you get just what you see. A blue channel with almost no data.

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I've stopped thinking in terms of "equivalent" focal lengths on m43. 25mm is what it is, and what it might be similar to on some other format doesn't matter to me any more. We need to learn what to expect from our current equipment, not keep mapping it to the old. No one refers to their 50mm FF lens as "equivalent to 80mm on MF."

I looked at the image in AWB as I was shooting and the colours were off so it was obviously getting fooled...the people in image 2 are facing a large double foyer with loads of daylight coming through plus additional windows... what's probably mucked up the camera's processing us the large areas of red (the walls) the large areas of yellow (those bridesmaids dresses) mixed in with strong daylight and some tungsten...

Let me reiterate I went through all my white balances (8) on the screen before pressing the shutter and this one looked best.i--
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