They added the camera models back into the forum name

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Nikon uses the Consumer tag for the camera's in this forum

JPMontez wrote:

Karld70 wrote:

makes it a little less confusing

Do you think so?... When I saw it I thought exactly the opposite. What a long name for a forum! If you have camera names on it, what's the benefit of having consumer DX in the name?...

Regards, João

For whatever reason dpreview decided to rename the forums (they didn't change the forums at all, just the name) and followed Nikon's category.

I think removing the camera models from the forum name causes confusion, people know what camera model they have, but do not necessarily no what category it falls in.

So, yes, I think adding the camera model back into the forum name makes it less confusing then just calling it consumer DX & pro DX

I think the best way to go would be to just put it back the way it was, and like they still have the Cannon forums. Both Canon and Nikon have a lot of camera bodies, and it helps to have the extra forums,... but.. the new naming is causing hard feeling by some camera owners.  Not sure why since that is what Nikon calls them,.. but given it is causing such a stir they should just remove the tags.  With the camera list in the forum name it really is not needed.

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