Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 Repair

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Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 Repair

I had one of the early 24-70mm f2.8 lenses.  I love the VC.  The AF was a little inconsistent.  And the MF ring was tough to move.

I wrote about some of my thoughts here .

Anyhow.... the MF ring got tougher and tougher to move.  I also noticed that the AF was getting a little more erratic.   Then I did a shoot of a friends family and my shots were way back focused and the MF ring was frozen.  No amount of force would move it.

It was still in warranty so I sent it it for repair.   At first they said that it was in warranty and the repair would be free!!  Then they said it would cost $250 as the lens had experienced some kind of shock?  I am rough on my camera stuff but did not remember a shock.  I did put a lot of my strength into trying to get the MF ring to move???

I whined and complained and then had to pay the $250.

So I get the lens back.  The MF ring moves way better than it ever had fresh out of the box.   And ....

The AF is right on.   What I mean by this is that I use Reikans lens cal system.   Got another blog with videos on it here .  By they way they have both a Mac and PC version...very cool.

Anyhow I ran the lens cal and WOW.  Perfect curve fit.  Tight repeatable data points.  I never got that on the other lens fresh out of the box.

Moral of the story.....   if your lens is acting a little goofy and inconsistent... sent it back to the manufacturer.  And send it back as soon as you see it.  Dont wait until the lens has been "handled" a bit

Also don't expect a lot of sympathy for free lens repair even though its in warranty at Tamron.  Happy with the lens,  Happy with the Repair,  Not so happy with the fee.

I would be curious about others who have experience with Tamron repair.

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