Is Canon out of touch ?

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No, these are not the only Pros that truly matter to Canon. They have a marketing value, yes, but that is because they are respected users who either through their work or through their ability to communicate at seminars, etc., have a value to Canon.

True, any working professional has a value to Canon, a dollar value (considering the average working professional spends about $5,000-10,000 in gear). But do they have an development value to Canon? Are they valued beyond the complaints they post up, i.e. 1DIII's AF? Sadly, about the only time its noticable they are listening is when something is broken.

Now, granted yes... Canon has to consider its clients to some extent, and yes if you are gonna listen to anybody it would have to be those that have the most in depth knowledge, i.e. the working professional. But if you take a step back and look at the picture, you'll see that something other than the working professional is driving the R&D or feature set decisions.

Point and shoot features like articulated LCD's, Live view, movie modes, GPS, WiFi, and touch screens - all have been accepted because there is some value to them, but most professionals would have rather seen R&D put into ISO performance, dynamic range, AE/AF performance, resolution, durability, weight mitigation, etc.. These are all core photography values that make the professional's job easier, and yes they are coming, but only because the competition brings them out first.

So if you ask me who they are really listening to, I can't say the professional client base with a straight face. But I have noticed, they do go out of their way not to anger the professional client base either. Go figure.

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