Importance of IS?

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Re: Importance of IS?

dnercesian wrote:

Dorus wrote:

Adamant wrote:

All of the zooms will include OIS.  The primes will not.  None of the Fuji primes that have been roadmapped to-date really need OIS.  I presume Fuji will do a good job of it in the zooms.

Thanks for your response, which i found helpful. Can you elaborate why "none of the Fuji primes ... really need OIS"? I don't see OIS or IBIS as a function of primes-vs-zooms although a case can be made that longer focal lengths will be benefit more from stabilization.


You sort of answered your own question there with regards to focal length. At shorter focal lengths IS is not nearly as helpful as it is at longer focal lengths. Also, the primes tend to have faster maximum apertures, so you can get the shutter speed up on those a bit more, of course, if that works out for the type of exposure you are tryingto get.

Thanks - appreciate the perspective.


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