Three from Bryce Canyon - DP2M

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Re: Three from Bryce Canyon - DP2M

Lin Evans wrote:

Hi Mike,

It's a fun place to shoot in October..

Best regards,


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fwiw......actually Lin, to be honest, I was trying to be a little facetious.  The DPR emoticons don't seen to work on my computer for some reason (tried a couple of different browsers) and the one that was supposed to show was the "wink" one.  I thought you were playing a joke with some of your replies, and your images.  They do show some signs of "over massaging" on my screen, its not the best but 1600 x 1200 on a 23" frame.  I remember seeing some of your work in the past that seemed to show what "I" would consider a little more care in the PP department.

sally forth, Mike

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