Two Dogs II [Midnight Action/Lazlo Toning]

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Re: tony_brown, Babine, and Claude


That is wonderful! Thanks. It's amazing what some retouches can bring out. I really didn't notice the whites on the black dog before looking at this photo. Photos don't lie I guess. She's 6, but isn't getting some white hairs now. How do you edit a photo for printing the way you have it? It's 3x2 I think. I now how to put in the dimensions in Image Size, and then put them in again when cropping. But unsure what to do when dimensions are smaller than 4x6. I was thinking of printing your retouch.


Thank you. I really like the look of it. I didn't realize how good a backdrop that fence actually is until seeing your retouch. You're right, on the left probably did distract. Smart choice cutting that out. Now here's the hard part... as much as I like the look, I don't like the head manipulation. Here's why. I chose that photograph because I loved the facial expression on the dog on left. I believe she was in the middle of a bark or low growl and her head mighta sorta shook. She's a pest to the black dog sometimes. (Notice how black dog is leaning AWAY from her.) So I thought it was a neat photo for this reason. So you've kind of turned it into the opposite! Pretty funny.


This is what I was aiming for. I really like what you've done here. Just out of curiosity, do you have the action as well? Or did you take my outcome and then adjust it to your liking? BTW if anyone wants the action Dave Jaseck will send it to you if you email him. The eye retouch changes the dogs' look a lot here. I think some people may like that... I don't know. The black dog in particular... seems to be a different dog. You wouldn't happen to still have the PSD would you? I was hoping that if you did it wouldn't be possible to put the eyes back to normal. Because everything else is perfect otherwise. I hope I don't sound like I'm asking for too much.

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