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Re: SX50 w/ Canon 500D attached...

Steen Bay wrote:

Condor wrote:

About the Lock feature, maybe it is so new (well, in fact it is) that people do not really know or understand that at 1200mm they are almost obliged to use it... as they were obliged to acitivate IS with the previous superzoom units.  And it is as simple to use as IS, or maybe simpler, since it has a specific button for it. Another forum member (Rich) already showed the difference between no-Locked and Locked distant shots and his result is below... that's why I considered important to alert you to use it in your independent and objective comparative shots against FZ200 + Nikon TC ... as I said, that was all...

no-Locked to the left, Locked to the right

Would be nice if it did, but I don't find it likely that pressing the 'lock' button should improve the already excellent IS. The feature is called 'Framing assist - lock', and think that's all it does, gives a more steady EVF/LCD image when framing.

I'll have to disagree, in the above images the lettering is framed (centered) pretty much the same, but the locked image is much clearer. My main disagreement however is if it was just framing in EVF/LCD and the above is what I was seeing in lcd/evf the resulting image should be the same.

Back when I joined DPreview in 2007. The liveview feature on  DSLR's were just coming out, while those with point and shoot cams already had the wysiwyg feature. That is exactly what the resulting image is here not just and aid for viewing before the actual shot.

Here's two more images first without lock and Virgil is pretty much where I wanted him framed, but a blur, and second is with lock, although I had lock on Virgil he drifted slowly to left but image focus remained sharp. Kind of what I would expect from a more robust IS in affect.

not locked


To try and simulate what your looking at without lock vs with lock I uploaded a video and included helicopter and Virgil images in addition to video.

Also I would think that with the use of an add on optical TC like the Nikon, all bets are off, for any effective IS if you were trying to handhold. My experience with Japanese build tolerances for electronics was that they were really tightly matched to task at hand and any additional "stress" would cause a not very good outcome.

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