Importance of IS?

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Re: Importance of IS?

dnercesian wrote:

drv320 wrote:

I found that I used IS, OS, IBIS as a crutch.  Yes, it was nice to have, but it can't replace good technique and thorough knowledge of your camera.

I was wondering if anyone else felt this way. Thanks for posting. I totally agree. I love IBS/IS/OIS/VR, but I know for a fact they have allowed me lazy moments that I should not have accepted over proper shooting technique. Ultimately it is our decision to use the technique regardless of the equipment, and the stabilization is there as a safeguard, just in case, but I do appreciate the discipline forced upon me on the occasions I wouldn't force it upon myself.

I have done this lazy dance a lot with my OMD. Sometimes I push it and I don't get away with it, and it stinks when you download the images and see what has happened and the lost opportunity. Other times I get away with it and chuckle to myself.

This is hardly the case on my X Pro 1 though because I do keep notice on technique, and I think it makes me a better photographer. Personally, when I get my XE1 kit and the zooms, I will treat them asif they don't have OIS, I hope. I'll mostly be using primes anyway.

Lots of helpful and interesting responses so far. However, I do not understand this "IS as a crutch for poor technique" thing. If a situation calls for a wide open aperture and slow shutter speed would IS just not give you more opportunity to get the shot? How would better technique give you the same added flexibility?


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