WOW, K5II-s vs a99 base iso raw-

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Re: WOW, K5II-s vs a99 base iso raw-

Maxeyesore wrote:

johnbee wrote:

tcom wrote: ...there is a K-5 IIs with a unknown Sigma lens at 70mm at f/8 and a Sony a99 with a Sigma 100-300 at 70mm at f/8... Someone should explain me how they set a 100-300 lens to 70mm but that's a different story.

HAHA, I saw that also. 
Just one of the many mysteries in the world of a camera reviewer

I was guessing they did that to match FOV, as the FF is going to appear further back if they use the same FL.

The exif data doesn't contain human readable names for the lenses.  The information is a set of numbers or hex values that is correlated within a database, in whatever software is used to read the data, to human readable names. If that database has bad information in it, or the software can't determine the correct values for the lens tag, the software will get the human readable lens name wrong. This is especially true for third party lenses, where one manufacturer might use the same value as another or even the same value for a number of lenses. Film never captured the data, so this wasn't really an issue before. Only with digital and lens corrections has this become an issue. That's why most PP software will let you manually override the lens selection it determines from the exif data.

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