From NEX-5N to NEX-5R....Huge disappoimtment

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Re: From NEX-5N to NEX-5R....Huge disappoimtment

H. Paul Moon wrote:

flashzoom wrote:

Your Item 2 fails if you didn't have the exact same lens on both of them at the same time (since you say they were side-by-side).

I am glad you have pointed that out. I actually thought about that, and have switch the lens. both are the 18-55 sony lens, but one is from Japan, and one is from Thailand.

Event after i have switch the lens, still same result. the 5R seems to be a bit washed out.

if I am doing something wrong, or someone else had different result, please let me know, I would really love to keep the 5R, if it is better.

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