RX100 Aperture Priority - shutter defaults to 1/30

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Re: RX100 Aperture Priority - shutter defaults to 1/30

Same complaint here, but try this workaround that also retains Auto ISO:

Increase the low end of the Auto ISO range to a a higher number (400, 800 or even 1600, depending on the light).

You can still use Auto ISO but over a more limited range.  You do not need to manually set ISO to a specific setting.

This should result in the ability to use a faster shutter speed and perhaps an aperture that is not wide open (lens probably sharpest at 5.6 or so).  Only shoot wide open if bokeh is more important than sharpness.

As someone else suggested, use steady shot.

Also use 2-second delay to minimize camera shake at the instant of shutter release.

I try to keep shutter speed faster than 1/( 2 x f) - twice as fast as the rule of thumb (due to small sensor size and light  weight of camera).

View on computer screen and apply appropriate post processing from using higher than optimal ISO.

If printing, try and keep image size at 8" x 12" or smaller.

See my other recent posts for other tips including use of Memory Banks for A, P and S (and 4 screens of memory data for each memory bank).


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