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5DII not that good for sports

I am able to borrow camera bodies from my employer from time to time. Back when I had an old Pentax K1000 digital of my own I would borrow a 5DII for lower light sports. The noise level is great...for sideline portraits or team pics it was awesome...but I lost too many action shots from focus problems. The AF on the Mark II just isn't fast enough in poor light. I subsequently bought a 7D which I love. It has way better AF though noise is understandably a little worse because it isn't full frame. I have borrowed a 5DIII more recently and it has the best of both to no noise at 6400 (provided exposure is good) and AF that appears to be at least as good as the 7D. The price is a bit high though.

The bottom line is that I wouldn't use a 5DII for sports. If the 5DIII isn't financially feasible then go with the 7D especially is you have fast glass (2.8) or if you are shooting mostly in day time or in stadiums with decent lighting...even some High School lights can still give you 1/800 at F2.8 and ISO 3200 with the 7D. On the 7D I try not to go above ISO 4000 or below 1/640 for action sports although I have had some keepers as low as 1/250.

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