Buddy at work wants to get camera for wife. Sony a37,t3i,d5100

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Re: Buddy at work wants to get camera for wife. Sony a37,t3i,d5100

Limburger wrote:

tallymom wrote:

If his wife is not going to be a professional photographer, I don't see why lens selection really matters that much.  Sony has great DSLR's based on my research.  I was looking at the Sony a57 and the only reason I decided against it is because my husband prefers OVF.  I didn't mind the EVF but then again I only tested it in a Best Buy store.

If lenses don't matter I wonder why go for a dslr in the first place?

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Cheers Mike

Those are my thoughts. However, it can be said DSLRS provide the best image quality. So maybe that's their reasoning. A counter point to that is the nex 5n which uses the same sensor as the D7000.  However I was told his wife wanted a DSLR not a nex.  So I had to assume it was because of the viewfinder, which led me to explaining that Optical was much better. Comparing looking at a scene through your eyes and through what a computer monitor thought the scene should look like.

I wanted to ask others to gain perspective, since I have a strong bias and might be overlooking something.

I think the sony has some nice points. 7fps is cool.  But to me, excessive. I can just imagine hundreds of shots of the same thing. His main point is buying a used t3i/D5100 vs a new a37.  To which I replied you get what you pay for.  
I was hoping the a37 had the same sensor as the d7000, but it looks to be different.

I will talk to him again and ask him to ask her to go try them out. I have a feeling that a37's build is no where near the t3i or d5100, but I could be wrong.

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