any Micro 4/3rd like Panasonic G3 with EVF? and Image quality

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Re: any Micro 4/3rd like Panasonic G3 with EVF? and Image quality

While I agree with most points stated in the previous post, I will submit my own 2¢ worth here.

1) On the OVF vs EVF question, the biggest difference I found comparing the G3 EVF with most DSLRs with APS-C sensors is that the size of view in the EVF just blows away the tiny tunel you look through with an APS-C's OVF. Granted, a full-frame DSLR's OVF does perform much better than an APS-C DSLR's but at 4x the price... So far I have found the G3 EVF perfectly functional and a joy to use although it slows down a bit in very low light situations and while it is true that more recent µ4/3 cameras (G5, GH3, EM-5) have even better EVFs, I am not sure the relative improvement would blow you away.

2) As far as low-light use is concerned, I mostly leave my G3 in Auto ISO mode (up to 3200 ISO) and have nothing to complain about. Mind you, my first life as a mainly B&W photog using 100' rolls of Tri-X film at 400 ASA makes me somewhat better aquainted than most with grain...

3) Finally, G3 and poor weather, aka rain, is a no-no. As noted elsewhere anyway, even with so-called weather/dust sealed cameras such as the Oly EM-5 or Pany GH3, I wouldn't go out of my way shooting without adequate protection (an umbrella) in rainy weather.


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