Thoughts? No FW800 on new iMacs

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Re: Thoughts? No FW800 on new iMacs

Lord of the Badgers wrote:

I almost went for the outgoing model, saying "sod it" to the mirror-like screen.

So glad the screen has been changed on the new iMacs; the glossy screen is not ideal. I'm in a 100% light-controlled environment and still have reflections; which translates to headaches and eye strain in my world. I'm using a matte Apple Cinema display as second monitor and much perfer it; both calibration-wise and non-glare wise.  Both monitors are calibrated with ColourEyes Display Pro software, which allows the user to add additional points on the monitor where "problems" of calibration may exist. Even with ColourEyes' superb software, and my own added points of calibration -where I can identify problems- the old Cinema diaplay calibrates more exactly than the iMac does.

I, too, wish Apple would listen to the pros who use their products; or the heavy non-pro users such as myself who love their Macs and use them in a ways similar to the pros.

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