Pamnarama mode RX100. Still not right...

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Michael Fritzen wrote:


nice example.

Anyhow looking at the EXIF data of your shot there are some of the "culprits" which I mentioned in a previous reply to this thread for overall mediocre results considering IQ. First the f/stop of 1.8 - which I consider not very well suited for a landscape shot. Why the camera doesn't go down to f/4 or f/5.6 . When f/1.8 corresponds to ISO320 then f/4 should require ISO1600. If there was a way to set these parameters manually I'd really like to see the results against the f/1.8-1/500s-ISO320 combination.

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Cheers, Michael Fritzen

I did this just as a trial, to see if the panorama extends successfully to the right end--and it did.  I noticed afterwards that it was f/1.8, which is not what I would have chosen for a normal landscape shot.  As far as I can tell, the camera chooses the shooting parameters in Panorama, and while you can do exposure correction and change the white balance, you can't change the aperture, shutter speed, or ISO.  However, I'm quite pleased with the job the camera did.  With appropriate sharpening in Photoshop, the full-sized image looks sharp enough for me.  I'm sure you can do better, shooting separate RAW images in the traditional way, with the camera on a sturdy tripod, taking successive images and joining them in Photoshop or other specialized software, but that's a lot of work, and Panorama with the RX100 is much easier--and, again, I have no complaints about the results.


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