Is the D600 kit lens considered a good lens?

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Re: Is the D600 kit lens considered a good lens?

So I've been shooting with the 24 - 85 lens and it's just okay thus far.  I find myself using my 50mm 1.8g lens more often because the quality looks better.  I haven't been in a situation where I'm walking around and just shooting candids.  I'm primarily shooting my son and family so I'm somewhat in control of the situation.  I'm wanting the 85mm lens for more portrait quality photos.

I'm tempted to return the lens and get the 85mm 1.8g lens.  Even my wife commented on some of the photos saying they looked like they were done with a snapshot camera.  Of course this could be due to the person using the camera and it's highly likely.

I've also entertained the idea of returning it and then upgrading to the 24 -105 f/4 lens.  Right now I'm just all over the place.  I probably just need to shoot a little more with the 24 - 85 lens and make sure it's not me that's causing my photos to be unspectacular.

Any advice or opinions?

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