X-Pro1/X-E1 w/MF Lenses and some thoughts...

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Re: X-Pro1/X-E1 w/MF Lenses and some thoughts...

Answer is not entirely simple. Manual focus lenses with the X-series needs to be divided into 2 groups: retro-focus and symmetric designs. Symmetric designs are typically the Leica M-series lenses; the retro-focus are mostly SLR type lenses or longer M-series (greater than 35mm).

The issue is that the X-series sensor has no micro-lenses to hold edge detail with symmetric designs, which leads to smearing of the image in the outer 1/3 or so of the frame. Retro-focus designs, having a greater registration distance (further from the sensor) have much less of this issue, depending on their quality of design. This means that you must be careful selecting older, manual focus lenses less than 35mm with the X-sensor.

So... without studying each manual focus lens, a blanket statement might be that you'd be safe using almost any MF lens on the X-series if over 35mm focal length, and better with Fuji X-lenses for under 35mm.

Such a set could be the new 18-55 zoom with longer manual focus lenses. Or, the new 14mm or 18mm with the 35mm, again using manual focus lenses for everything over 35mm (like a 50/1.4 or 90/2.8, etc). The new zoom with longer manual focus lenses would be your most economical choice.

Later, you could add the 60 macro or the new 27 pancake or 56 portrait lens (both not due until late 2013; or even the proposed Zeiss AF lenses) as funds permit.

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