Importance of IS?

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Re: Importance of IS?

mr moonlight wrote:

Just keep in mind that IS does not freeze motion. It just helps with camera shake. I find better high ISO performance and fast glass are what help the most in low light. The need for IS really goes down when you can shoot at ISO6400 without the worry of losing on image quality.

I think the advantages of having a larger sensor and much better high iso performance out weigh any advantages gained from IS. Now of course having both would be the best of both worlds, but I guess we can't have everything.

The IS does not freeze motion which could help you create very interesting photos of moving trains/bikes without setting up a tripod... With the XPro1, I generally have to use shutter speed triple that of the focal length to be safe (so 1/60 for 18mm, 1/125 for 35mm).

OMD IS helps gain about 5 stops. XPro1 ISO performance is about 1 stop better. Do the math and take your pick.

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