SX50HS at 1800mm handheld

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Re: SX50HS at 1800mm handheld

Stephen Ingraham wrote:

Condor wrote:

Nice shot, thanks for sharing,

For those of us that we are asking for full zoom shots, very distant subjects is the need we really want to cover. You know, when that bird or squirrel looks like a baseball on the distance.

About that you used the framing buttons, did you kept the Lock (super IS, to call it some way) button pressed before half pressing the shutter?

Thanks in advance if you could really take some distant wildlife sample handheld (those that you normally have to strongly crop to get your final image, as we birders and wildlife observers always do).


Hi Ed,

I kept the framing assist button down while half pressing the shutter for focus. I am not certain that is the way to do it best. I am still experimenting as the instructions are not really clear.

As to distant wildlife...most of the time I don't even attempt distant wildlife. I know that if there is more than 100-200 feet of air between me and what I am photographing, all bets are off. You might get a reasonable (but not really sharp) image of a moose at greater distances...but the moving air between you and you subject rapidly becomes the limiting factor. It does not matter how long your zoom is, how sharp your lens is, or how many pixels you have. Distance kills quality.

My attraction to the 1200mm zoom on the SX50HS is that it allows me to photograph subjects at 1x that I used to photograph at 1.5x DTC on the 40HS, and at 1.5x for subjects that used to require 2x.

But since you asked, here is a shot at a greater distance. This was closer to 100 yards than 100 feet, and at 1.5x DTC for 1800mm equivalent field of view. The wind was blowing so hard I had to put the chin strap on my Tilly hat. Also this was taken before I knew about the framing assist button.

1.5x DTC from maybe 200 feet.

What an excellent example of what I asked for.  Thanks so much.  I know that the purist will get stuck in CA, contrast, etc. etc. ... but for wildlife registering and ID... this camera really works.   We are talking about 60 meters away... Did you use center spot focusing, I mean the smallest centered focus square  the camera allows?

But it provides me details to start ID

By the way, that air distortion problem is partially solved taking photos wiht the first sunlight of the morning (which is better also because the sun gets from one side and not from above), when the air hasn't been heated that much.  Remember that we can clearly see the moon at night, and it is more than 200 feet away.


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