Thoughts? No FW800 on new iMacs

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Re: Thoughts? No FW800 on new iMacs

Lord of the Badgers wrote:

I read thru the user reviews on the adaptor - now consider I also do music, and have two WD 2tb HDDs which i use for back up. Both of which are FW or USB2. In the case of the audo interface, it's firewire, that's it. some audio interfaces don't work with the adaptor, so some reviews say. not only that, it's underpowered. It was not cheap gear. I see little to replace it that's reasonable, or even, existing.

I was due to upgrade on the promise of a non-shiny screen, because my old eyes find Logic on the mbp 17" hard to read now

I've read some wholly unhelpful comments elsewhere like "just replace your drives" etc. Hardly any use to me, it's going to cost a lot to replace this gear if the adaptor fails to deliver, since I have to daisy chain my audio interface and at least one HDD (the samples are loaded on the HDDs as are all my photographs.

Yes, I know this is a photography site, but most assume FW device owners have just HDDs..

I'm so disappointed. Apple seem hellbent on alienating their more professionally minded customer base. Finally at long damn last they relent on the super shiny screens only to cut us off at the knees by unilaterally ditching existing elements such as the optical drive & FW port.

I would much prefer to have LESS not MORE cables.

Yet still I can't bring myself to go back to PC land....

Hi Lord of the Badgers,

Interesting to read your post.  What I would really like is a new Mac Pro that I can load up with internal drives; max out with RAM; set up with dual matte monitors; use my existing FW 800 peripherals (with no issues) and then - when I can afford it - upgrade my existing external drive setup to USB3/TB for the added speed.  That is what I would like, but it seems I'll have to get an iMac due to the fact that I don't want to deal with my existing machine's slow performance any longer than I have to.


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