WOW, K5II-s vs a99 base iso raw-

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Re: WOW, K5II-s vs a99 base iso raw-

I tried myself to compare cameras and lenses and start to know what it takes to get something one can compare.

When I first check the conditions of these two photos with the given exif data, well, there is a K-5 IIs with a unknown Sigma lens at 70mm at f/8 and a Sony a99 with a Sigma 100-300 at 70mm at f/8... Someone should explain me how they set a 100-300 lens to 70mm but that's a different story.

Basically, we have a 16MP APS camera compared to a 24MP FF camera at 70mm and f/8 aperture. The tester was unable to get the same focus point and the DOF differs as well. I don't know what one can compare under such conditions.

But one thing is shown pretty well: the moire of the K-5IIs.

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