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Went from 3x 20" to 1x27" + 1x20"

I've been playing Battlefield3 for a whole year soon, and for that i've been using 3x Dell 2007FP (1600x1200) two of those are IPS displays and one are poor TN/PVA with red/yellow cast

For a long time i've been sad about the poor quality of the bad monitor (middle) since its my primary display - putting it in the sides would unbalance the whole experience.

I then fell in love with the Dell U2711 that i use on my workplace (Programming and Graphics) - (i know the AG coating is a little distracting) - but i love the colors and that its callibrated from the manufacture. The resolution of 2560x1440 is also VERY useful and 16:9 aspect ratio which also is good for gaming.

I then purchased a U2711 for my BF3 gaming and whatever i use a monitor for, to my home PC setup... The U2711 is used as my primary monitor and i've setup a 20" on the side for Youtube, TV-series and Music and preview... works really good.

If you are going to use your monitors for photography its more important to have :

A. The largest screen available with the highest resolutions possible

B. The best color reproduction and accuracy (read articles at TFTCentral.com )

C. The lowest price possible - so you have money for more stuff

I reserched the U2711 vs the LED U2713 - and decided that CCFL is better and offers more than the LED version... although i might have been satisfied with the U2713...

The AG coating that people complain about isn't a huge problem for me, and i actually like that the monitor is Matte - would hate it to be Glossy !!!

1x27" vs 3x20" ... Would choose 1x27" again now knowing the difference... 3 small monitors doesn't work as well as 1 huge and a secondary smaller monitor.

I miss Eyefinity (3 monitor gaming) a little, now when i get shot from left and right... but i manage

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Sony A700 is the best !

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