28-300 vs 70-300 ?

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Re: 28-300 vs 70-300 ?

By the way, testing on a D600 seems to indicate that my 28-300VR, which resolves to pixel sharpness on 12 Mpixel D700, is just slightly soft at 24 MPixels.  I would estimate mine resolves about 18-20 MPixels for practical purposes, which is still excellent for a superzoom.  That is plenty of resolution for almost any purpose.  On the D700, I can't see any difference between the 28-300VR and the 70-200VR in the center and only a slight difference in the corners.  The D600 is a whole different story.


Please fill us in on the "whole different story" of these lenses on a D600. Thanks in advance, very helpful so far, altho photos will help illustrate the points made.

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