Should I pull the trigger on a 5DC?

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Re: Should I pull the trigger on a 5DC?

newone757 wrote:

Ran into a little bit of extra Cash and  what seems like to me a decent deal on a 5DC

Basically I already have a Fujifilm Xpro1 so I'm kind of holding back seeing as how that has waaay better hi ISO performance and is already a slow(er) methodical shooter, not exactly a sports camera lol. They kind of have the same-ish limitations as far as i understand when it comes to af speed and would call for a similar shooting style from what i understand so I wouldn't be gaining anything extra special to my current kit I don't think. On the other hand I wanted to get into full farm photography where focal lengths are true etc and feel like this might be a decent footdoor the door. I can pick up the 5Dc and at least one good lens and run with that for a while before eventually stepping up to a mkIII or whatever else is good at the time, building my glass collection along the way. This is where i see the most potential in it, being able to grow a nice collection of full frame lenses before going to something more modern, which puts this at a nice entry point into full frame IMO. I could of course get an entry level crop sensor for cheaper and but the same full frame lenses before eventually upgrading, but i have a feeling i wont be very happy with that for some reason. I'm kind of torn so it's  coming down to whether or not this is a good deal or not.

Guy is offering 5Dc body, battery grip, and 3 batteries for $600.Which is also the same price as a new lens for my current camera. Have never shot full frame so very interested.

Sorry for all the errors it's hard to edit on these forumsfrom an iPad

How much can a used 5dII be had for these days? I have never owned the 5dc, but I would think the additional megapixels, ability to microadjust focus, and sensor cleaning would be well worth the extra $.

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