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Re: Flash for a beginner

Abrak wrote:

But I have heard these general comments about Panasonic and flash before. I.E. Panasonic is not brilliant in terms of serious flash and off camera flash use.

So does this mean that the GH3 which is a 'Pro' camera has (1)updated or superior flash capabilities (2) the GH3 isnt really a 'pro' camera because it doesnt have pro flash capability or (3) 'pros' operate everything flash related manually or via proprietary add-ons so it is not relevant?

I suspect that popup-based RC flash control is primarily a hobbyist feature. Most pros would not balk at purchasing RF triggers and this feature is not likely to be important to them for studio work.

I will say, though, for my personal use RC flash is sorely missed on the GH2 (and much appreciated on the E-M5). Of course the E-M5 requires the stupid clip-in flash, but that's better than buying/carrying a dedicated RF trigger around.

There's really nothing wrong with the Panasonic flashes, it's just important to know what they really are and to not overpay for them when there are plenty of other options available.

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