Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: All current EOS lines have 2nd curtain flash sync available.

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I am a shooting professional,  we switched to Canon gear a decade or more ago - mainly for the fast AF and better lens lineup -  and for the most part we  have been happy with that decision  however the past two years it is apparent to me that Canon is not listening to its pro customer base "AT ALL".

We are severely disappointed with the Canon 5D Mark II / III cameras.   Image quality is good but Canon has nearly completely crippled the custom functions on this body.     A good part of the user base for the 5D series is event and wedding photography -  and one of the most useful features of any body for this type of shooting is 2nd curtain sync.

Canon removed it on the 5D / 7D series.    WHY ?      Even the cheapest Nikons can do this.

???  2nd curtain sync is available on both 5D and 7D.  5D does not have built-in flash, but it can be set in the camera's flash menu when used with compatible speedlites.  But with any EX speedlites, it is faster/easier to set 2nd curtain sync directly on the speedlite.

That is maybe the difference, Nikon will do 2nd curtain sync with any flash, even studio strobes connected through the old fashioned pc connector.

yes but he's talking about the feature being "removed" from the 5D / 7D series bodies and the camera "crippled" because of it.

Any canon DSLR will do 2nd curtain syncing with the appropriate speedlight.  it hasn't been "removed" because it's always been a feature of the flash.

it's at times annoying that you can't do it with other flashes,etc .. however, it certainly hasn't changed from what was available in any canon body over the last decade.

by even spending a whole 10 seconds (less time then the OP took to post) there's actually workarounds on the 5D3,etc to fool the camera itself into thinking it's a canon strobe and to fire 2nd curtian sync for strobes,etc - but I have never tried their suggestions.

if you have a canon flash attached and set the 5D3 to 2nd curtain sync - as long as you don't change it .. it will work even for pc connector.

(according to one googled advice note .. lol)

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