Thoughts? No FW800 on new iMacs

Started Oct 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Thoughts? No FW800 on new iMacs

While I think apple should provide the adapters free (build the cost in anyway) adapters, it is just a $30 adapter from the new thunderbolt to what every Mac person probably has tons of FW800 gear.

My advice, just buy the apapter and think of it as a thirty dollar progress tax and move on!

Hi Jeff,

Great I can stay with my old system for a $30  thunderbolt adapter? Sold!  I was wondering how I would traverse the transition and didn't know it would be that simple.

Will upgrade USB3/TB when I can afford new external drives because I really (really!) want the speed but this will not be the problem I thought it could be.

Thanks for the info!

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