Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: Is Canon out of touch ?

Canon isn't out of touch - they are dominating the market and have been for a while. I think you are out of touch with the manual though ;), because both the 7D and 5D offer second curtain sync, providing the flash supports it as well. Check your flash menu. I couldn't tell you if the internal flash on the 7D supports it since I never use it for anything other than a master for remote flashes or on rare occasion fill flash, but it definitely is supported on Speedlites - at least on the EX II models that support E-TTL.

And, for those who think Canon is behind on megapixels - isn't there whining every single time they increase resolution of the sensor? Which way do you want it - increased resolution, or don't increase the resolution?

As for me, 18MP is plenty, but if they're offering more and it doesn't detract from high ISO capability (it never does because they continually increase photosite efficiency as well as shrink them) I'll take whatever they deliver. Besides, there are reports of 50+MP EOS bodies out in the wild for real world testing.

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