E-M5 question about ISO and Shutter speed in A mode

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Re: E-M5 question about ISO and Shutter speed in A mode

fobeeguy wrote:

I just got an E-M5 and got a question.

Using the user guide on DPREVIEW, I set Auto ISO up to 6400.

My question is, it seems like the camera likes to pick pretty high ISO, with shutter speed at around 1/60 at f3.5.

What is the general rule of thumb for shutter speed?  1/Zoom length in 35mm equivalence?

Is it true that the further your object of focus is, the faster the shutter speed needs to be?

Is there a setting to make the ISO don't go high that easily by picking a slower the shutter speed automatically in A mode?

From the user guide:

"By default, Auto ISO is concerned about camera shake and will push the sensitivity up when it reaches 1/Effective Focal Length or 1/60th, whichever is faster. However, the lower limit threshold can be raised, for instance if you're trying to retain fast enough shutter speeds to freeze action. The 'Flash Slow Limit' setting in Custom Menu F effectively sets this threshold. It's not a documented feature, but it's worth knowing."

What is this for really?  Can someone explain?  Thanks!

The general rule for camera shake effecting your photo is your shutter speed should be 1/(effective focal length of your lens)  However since the omd has a crop of 2X, results in 1/(2Xfocal length).  But the other thing is that IBIS will give you a 4 stop advantage which results in 1/[(2xfocal length)/4]

Example if you are shooting 45mm, you need 1/(2X45/4) shutterspeed at least to avoid camera shake affecting your photo. 1/22.5  The other variable is how well your hold still your camera.  But this will give you a starting point.  This doesn't account for moving objects however.

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