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Re: Critical sharpness......

Bob Tullis wrote:

tedolf wrote:

kckempf wrote:

I was open to the idea that I didn't know what I was talking about!  Certainly I'm still learning what sorts of results to expect from the equipment I have.  If this is the expected output, I can't complain.

in my oppinion, at this level of magnification critical sharpness is more dependent on using a tripod, locking up the mirror/usning "anti-shock" setting, IS off, remote or timed shutter release and doing some PP than whether you are using a 12mp or 16mp sensor.   If you are not going to do that then larger, heavier cameras have an advantage because they have more mass to damp vibrations, etc. I think a lot of people with compact cameras complain about critical sharpness and jump to more expesive cameras because they are not willing to acknowlge that cirtical sharpness really depends on doing a lot of unpleasant work (e.g. using a tripod, etc.).    Tedolph

This suggests you see camera movement responsible in the example, and the lens itself is not part of the problem.

It also suggests that the camera is actually focused correctly -- on the trees -- which I'm inclined to think it is not, since areas in the foreground appear to be in sharper focus.

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