Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: Give me a break

Clint Dunn wrote: don't need to give Canon boatloads of money for CPS membership to be a 'Pro'.

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Clint, please, there's no need to throw your toys out of the pram.  I know you do not need to be a member of CPS to be a 'Pro' but the reason I asked was because the OP claimed, and I quote "Canon is drifting into prosumer and amateur land while Nikon is still actively supporting pros.  Sadly, we have a large investment in Canon gear,   but  I do not see them keeping up with Nikon at the higher end and their attitude toward pro customer service is taking a nosedive."

Now since many would say that Canon's service is in many ways superior to that of Nikon at present then one could wonder why the OP feels that way?  And maybe therefore he is not a member of CPS and perhaps therefore has not availed himself of the facilities put in place to service the needs of professionals effectively?

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