What is the value of a top LCD?

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What is the value of screaming that a top LCD is not required feature?

Hey, OP in last sentence jokingly asked if having top LCD will make him better photographer...??  So, I said it won't make him better... also jokingly.   No atack on him what so ever.

What I try to say in clumsy way is:  that calling as "not needed" such features as top LCD, articulated displays, extra manual switches, etc, etc..  is driving manufactures towards abundoning them in future designs...  as they try to cut on cost. They love to hear that something is not needed.  Going that way we end-up with design like Nikon 1...  no switches, no levars, on the display adjustments... that is P&S with exchangable lenses - at high price.

You can clearly see that in both Canon and Nikon mfg. approach.  In Canon G series camp ever since 2007 the articulated screen was abundoned... it came back in G12.  Now the "we do not need it" voices resulted in G15 having the articulated screen abundoned once again.  Same is with Nikon P series:  P7000 progressed to P7100 which just needed little upgrade - view finder. The wave of crituques that previous view finder was "to small" and "useless" caused Nikon to abundon display all together instead of making it bigger and better.  Result is cripled P7700. Too bad, as it has good sensor and it is getting great clean images (considering sensor size).

So, let scream that top LCD is not required and we will get D7200 without it.

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