What computer should I buy?

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Re: What computer should I buy?

inasir1971 wrote:

I prefer using Mac, not saying it's better or worse, just a preference.

They have some interesting systems and just announced the updated iMac which looks very interesting. The only thing it lacks that I would like is a 27" retina display but that is probably still too far away - will have to tackle production issues, and some new way to drive the display, I don't believe any current interface has the bandwidth for a 27" display at retina resolution.


Macs are great, I'm using them at work, but the price/performance is nowhere near a self built PC. What's the price for a Mac with specs like that:

i7 quadcore @ 3.5GHZ (like for example the 3770k)


nVidia GTX 660 or similar

128 or 256 GB SSD

3 TB 7,200 RPM drive

Here in Switzerland, this PC will cost me around 1,500$. The equivalent Mac Pro is easily over 3,000$.

edit: actually, I just checked on the apple website, and it's more in the 4,000$ ...

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