Replace my D3100 with X100?

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Re: Replace my D3100 with X100?

kgbruce01 wrote:

Phil Levy wrote:

- the X100 engages with the photographer in a way that the black plastic masses can't compete with IMO.

Biggest bunch of artsy blather I've heard today - and that's saying a lot, seeing as this IS DPreview forums!

Not artsy - not blather - just IN MY OPINION (IMO) the whole package (be it retro ergonomics or viewfinder etc) has resulted in a year where I have had no desire to use my DSR kit. I do not believe my photography has been compromised, in fact it has been improved. This is my personal experience and photography is very personal, hence why I stressed IMO. If you disagree that is fine but please do yourself credit and try to be more articulate - you should be able to disagree without being offensive.

No current camera from any one manufacturer 'blows away' any of the others. The Nikon in the hand of a professional will always trump the Fuji in the hands of a standard amateur.

Agree with the first bit - I was just highlighting the quirkiness of this particular camera and what makes it stand out for me (in addition to the image quality) - hence why I put IMO. We are not comparing amateurs with professionals and I would expect anyone able to make a living out of photography to be better - totally irrelevant to this thread. I was talking simply about my experience as an enthusiastic amateur using this camera..

Individual preferences are just that - the preference of one individual.

Finally agreed - so why did you not respect mine?

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