Taking bets: GX2 will be...?

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Re: Taking bets: GX2 will be...?

Sigma218 wrote:

While it won't fool anyone into thinking it's as good as an E-PL5 or Fufifilm X-E1 performance wise, the GX series will be good enough to compete with those cameras in terms of "retro design" within the mirrorless market. Withful thinking, but I think a GX with the GH3 sensor can beat the NEX-6.

I am surprised you don't think the GX2 would be as good performance wise as an E-PL5 or X-E1 even if fitted with GH3 sensor?  If the sensor specs are any indication the sensor used in the E-PL5 is almost identical to that used in the GH3 except for the processing and video options so likely their IQ would be similar? The GX1/2 autofocus performance definitely better than the X-E1 and AF from GH3 just as fast as E-PL5.  As for image stabilization that of the E-PL5 is still last generation not nearly as good as IBIS in the EM5 and can't use with video.  The GX1 body build of GX1 better than E-PL5 in my opinion.

My guess is that Pany may continue to build the GX1 but with new GH3 sensor to compete with NEX5 and E-PL5 at a lower price point and a new rangefinder GX2 model with EVF much like their patent model to compete with NEX6 and X-E1.

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