Against the death penalty?

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Re: Christian Immorality

NZ Scott wrote:

lylejk wrote:

But I wouldn't give the death penalty unless there were irrefrutable evidence (at least 5 witnesses, body fluid evidence (including semen, skin under nails, etch), or video evidence).   Otherwise, if the evidence is from forensic gathering (other then previously mentioned), then it would be life without parole.    

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To repeat a previous comment, "How very Christian of you."

Odd that so many Christians are in favour of killing people and, in your case, being so sadistic as to force them to endure cancer pains.

Actually many "Christians" believe the bible that says - an eye for an eye. So they are being very consistent.

As far as people on death row with cancer pains, well, carrying out their death sentence would cure all that ails them.

As a Humanist Atheist, I oppose the death penalty on moral grounds.

Good for you, the convicted murders can live in your house.

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Rethink your last comment.

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