Tricky AF on OM-D

Started Oct 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: I think you are confused...

daddyo wrote:

I have my E-M5 set to switch to the 14X magnified focus target by simply pressing the 'Record' button -- it doesn't require all the steps you have indicated. I keep my eye at the viewfinder, press the 'Record' button and the focus target is immediately changed to the smallest size.

I then focus on the face, recompose and shoot -- it works every time, very quickly -- or, if I am shooting on tripod, I simply position the target wherever I need it to be in the viewfinder and take the shot.

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Have you set the record button this way under a 'myset' custom setting? Just wondered what you'd do if you wanted to record video, as the record button won't start the recording any more? Also, could you just talk us through how you set the 14x target to the record button? New user here! Thanks.

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