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Re: both classic DSLR Canons worth £££! a 40D? maybe

Michael Thompson wrote:


I would like to offer a little impartial advice if you dont mind?

the current 5Dmk2 is a very much in demand high rez full frame camera if you were to go ahead and convet it to IR as i understand it this is a non reversable one time 'upgrade' yes it will be nice for yourself to use now and again

- but your old 5Dmk2 (?) lol! still state of the art dslr will now be unsellable and almost worthless with zero trade in value ..

the above comments are even more apt to the legendery classic that is the Canon Eos 1Ds in only a few years as good condition working 1Ds dslr's get rarer and rarer they will become very collectable (first full frame camera, ever etc) once you go the IR path it may become next to worthless .. you may regret it  (a lot.

there are a lot of mint excellent 40D at 10MP sensor so nice big photo sites the 40D is from £300 - £400 just look around? a IR convertion would suit the 40D well and not ruin the value of your high end classics, just my opinion ..


No Mike, I got twice what I should have when I sold my 20D that had been converted to IR so rendering them worthless isn`t correct (it is reversible BTW) and even if it were correct just think(if you are inclined) how much enjoyment you get from using such a beast. The 40D wouldn`t actually be a hell of a difference from my 450D that I`m using and to be honest when I owned a 40D It wasn`t a camera that I enjoyed at all so I certainly wouldn`t go back to one.

So! has anybody got any constructive advice on the question I asked please.:-D

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