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"Personally I don't see the point of the voting thumbs in the threads, unless they're going to show who has cast the votes. Are you reading this dpreview?"

Geez...   hasn't this already been settled with a poll that lasted about two weeks with over 3000 respondants?  Most people here on DPR voted in favor of the way the voting stands today.

Personally, I never saw the thread/post in question until you reposted it here but I can see why some would give it a 'thumbs down'...  Writing something as ridiculous as "is there a better camera all over town?" is annoying and seems a bit like trolling...   so that is probably the reason for the three thumbs down.  Why bother writing a response to a ridiculous question like that listing all the cameras that really are better???  And, who cares when we are talking about a generalized over-exaggerated implication such as in that post in question.  I have to say that had I seen that comment when I originally saw that post in question, I would have given it a thumbs down too.

Also, about the voting system...   I read a LOT of posts here in DPR but quite often couldn't be bothered with jumping through hoops just to say "I agree".  So I feel the 'thumbs-up' and 'thumbs-down' is a nice feature.  If there was an 'in-line' editor like we see in blogs and articles on other sites, I might be inclined to type a quick "I agree" or "I disagree"...   but having to leave the page and go into a new editor page is more than I care to do just to say whether I agree or not.  So, until this voting system was put in place, I usually didn't express a "I like" or "I dislike" vote because it was too cumbersome just to post two words.  Personally, I wonder if the only people here who bother to do that are those who desire to increase their post count.

Since this voting system has been in place, I have very rarely seen votes that make me say to myself, "Now why did people vote thumbs-down on this post?"  It is usually abundantly clear why people voted a thumbs-down.

And, for what it's worth, I could not care less if the voting also showed my name, nor do I think it would make much of a difference for most here.  Most people here argue and yell at each other all day and all night long, why would a thumbs-up and thumbs-down change that general behavior?  Regardless, most people here in DPR already voted to keep the system as it is...   so I feel it is an old topic and a dead issue.

Patrick  : )

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