Leica M-E Summicron-M 28 mm f/2 ASPH Copenhagn

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Hi Misha,

I viewed these images as well as the ones in your previous thread (that i had asked a ? on).  I am afraid I have to say that these look like images that my 11 year old son shoots - he points the camera randomly, does not frame anything well, has no idea of composition, has no idea where he's focusing & why and narry a clue as to how to expose an image well.  Now I am sure that these are not skill issues that you have, but the images appear that way *to me*.

In you other thread you'd told me that it could take a lifetime to understand the "style & composition" of these images and that could very well be the issue.  I wanted to offer up honest feedback - the Leica forum is often accused of lacking in that regard.  I've really tried very hard to "get" your images and have come to the tentative conclusion that there is nothing to "get".  Feel free to shed some light on this.



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