Retina MacBook Pro 13'' vs 15'' for Aperture?

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Re: Retina MacBook Pro 13'' vs 15'' for Aperture?

Stakka Matt wrote:

Hi All,

I run Aperture on my 2009 13'' MBP (2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB RAM only). Mainly Fuji X100 jpegs. It's very slow. I travel a lot but I edit mainly at home on my 23'' Cinema Display. My laptop is my only computer with all work etc on it too.

So I've wanted a lighter, and much faster, laptop for some time. Like many I was hoping for the Retina MBP 13'' announced yesterday, but as we now know this has integrated graphics only and maxes out at 8GB RAM.

Question: Do you think the Retina MBP 13'' (assuming max RAM and best processor) will run Aperture "fast", or do I need to go with the rMBP 15'' to get a real boost in performance?? I'd prefer the 13'' due to its low weight.

Second question: If the rMBP 13'' will be fast enough, won't the 13'' MBA be almost as fast??

Many thanks for any experience or thoughts on this,

Cheers /Matt

Have you considered a non retina 2012 MBP 13", adding 16GB of ram yourself and swapping the HD for an SSD. I have done same with a 2011 13" i7 mbp and it is lightning fast with aperture.

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